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After two years abroad, the prodigal childe of Tremere Elder Benedict finally returns.... but all is not well. Was this familiar mansion always so rotten? Was your daytime sleep always this troubled? Did these usual smiles always hide something? And why can't you remember anything about this 'trip' you're supposed to have gone on?

The truth waits beyond your nightmares. 

Welcome home, Kolya.

This game was created as a part of the Dark Pack Vampire: The Masquerade game jam and released under the World of Darkness Unbound license. Events portrayed in this game are not canon within the World of Darkness.

This is just a funny little story to frighten fledglings.

Content Warnings:

While this game is a work of fiction it deals in horror-based subject matter. Blood, gore, death, drug and alcohol use, significant self-harm, mental and physical abuse, and religious fanaticism are present.

How Do Thing:

- Click on items to interact with them. Right-click to get an additional description!  
- Some items can be combined by grabbing them and 'using' them on the other item with a mouse. Most notably, the medicine can be combined with a few other items. 
- Kolya needs to drink before he sleeps. Use blood on the poor boy.  
- Benedict is picky about his choice of wine. Thankfully, you have a note to use as reference on them. 
- The silver key can be fidgety to take and put back. Just below where you find it is easiest.  
- Some sections of the house will remain locked throughout the course of the entire game. This is not a bug.  
- If things seem to stick to your cursor, right clicking can shake it off. 
- The only knife that matters is the one closest to your bed.

This game was completed in a limited timreframe - there may be glitches. If you notice any bugs, instability, or text errors, please let us know and we'll get them fixed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for playing Prodigal!

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withClip Studio Paint, Krita, Adventure Game Studio
Tags2D, Horror, Point & Click, Vampire
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

This game uses AGS - Adventure Game System. 

For Windows users, there's an EXE. Go nuts!

For Linux users, I link as a resource the AGS wiki page on running AGS games on Linux. https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/wiki/GNU/Linux


prodigal-1.0.2-linux.zip 198 MB
prodigal-1.0.2-win.zip 195 MB

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oh this was amazing omg! One, gotta say i loved the art style. Second, excellent environmental storytelling both with things to click and discover. Third and finally, the plot was fantastic, It was a refreshingly new perspective which for a universe of media thats been around for decades is an excellent accomplishment! 

P.S Did I miss anything by not being able to enter the guest wing? I assume the dorms were self explanatory by the end but i was unable to enter those too :0? Very much willing to do a 2nd run if i missed anything!



That’s really cool to hear, I’m glad you enjoyed it! When it comes to the guest wing, it really was a stuck-for-time thing. We actually had a full mansion mapped out, and then very quickly realised we didn’t have time for that kind of scope. The sunroom has the same issue. So we used the opportunity for a dumb joke with the sunroom and used whispers and forbidden indications to give the impression that you were isolated in a larger, more lively place with the guest wing.


High quality stuff! Highly enjoyed the experience, just wish I was less fog brained the day that I played it.

A few issues:
- putting the key back on the table can be difficult as the click box is tiny. 
- the knife bit confused me too, as I got "can't go to sleep, need the knife", tried going to the kitchen and then the character was like "don't need anything off here". I think it's just because it fires before you explore your sire's room, so you can just skip exploring the room, the right knife will not be present yet and much confusion will ensue. Did not ruin my playthrough though. 
- the card bit made me question can a different ending be reached based on how you spread the cards? 
- I did get the "sitting animation glitch" too, but it wasn't a big deal, just bit funny. 

Overall this is a great game and I would highly recommend it to others.


Hi! So glad you enjoyed it! To answer the cards question, the cards are all unique, and all tell the story differently based on the spread (which yes, I’ll admit, is a bit of a loose interpretation of a spread so that we could fit the cards and make them as pretty as possible), but the final result is the same.


I loved it! Despite my "idelogical differences" with the main character, I enjoyed the experience a lot. The game is well written, the aesthetic is quite cool and dream sequences are fascinating. I admit taking advantage of some of the suggestions you wrote answering to previous comments, but I finished the game and I found the ending somewhat bittersweet...which is the way the best endings are!

I encountered some minor bugs (the character was stuck in the "sitting" position while walking, the inventory was blocked for a while), but they didn't affect the overall experience.

Thank you for your comment - I'm very happy you enjoyed our game!


Hey, really enjoyed your game but I was also stuck on the knife part - what confused me the most were the knives on the kitchen's wall that I couldn't pick up instead! 

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The third night definitely needed a touch more signposting! It’s something we kinda picked up on as more people have touched it. Lessons learned for the future! It sounds like you got the idea eventually, however!


Love this game so far, has such great visuals but I am stuck trying to get the silver key from Benedict. He's practically guarding it and despite me reading all the books I still don't know what to do next. I feel like I've clicked on everything trying to get into that room to get the knife.


Have you tried talking to Benedict about what you've been reading? 


Got stuck on the knife part, but this game looks great visually. Loved the interaction with the cat painting. Though we encountered a very funny animation error, probably a one time thing

. He was sliding in the sitting animation, so we joked around saying he had swag. It's ya boi.

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Glad you had fun! Were you able to complete the game? If a specific thing is giving you trouble, I can help. 


Mostly it was around the second night, the character said they needed a knife. We tried the kitchen for the knife on display but he said he didn't need it. Mostly I think I missed the text of what I was supposed to do and have been walking around trying to find it. 


After you explore the master bedroom, you should find a knife embedded in the wall of your dorm room. 


Thanks. Will look around for it. The dream sequence was neat btw.


Very excited to give this game a try!